Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Ans 1: The first forum for lodging the complaint related to any banking matter is the concerned bank’s own Complaint Management Unit (CMU). If the CMU at the bank fails to respond timely to the customer i.e. within 45 days or the customer remains unsatisfied with the outcome of the complaint, then the customer can lodge a complaint with the Banking Mohtasib Pakistan (BMP). The Banking Mohtasib Pakistan is an independent statutory body which is mandated to resolve disputes through a process which is largely conciliatory in the light of Federal Ombudsman Institution Reforms Act (FOIRA) 2013. The details regarding Complaint Grievance Handling Mechanism (CGHM) for banks may be accessed at the link given below:-

Ans 2: The Banking Mohtasib can entertain disputes and complaints relating to, Banking Malpractices, Perverse, Arbitrary and Discriminatory Actions, Operational Issues, Operational Inefficiency, Violation of Banking Laws and Regulations, Harassments in Recovery of Loans, Additionally, in the case of Public Sector Banks, the Banking Mohtasib can entertain complaints relating to, Corruption, Nepotism and, Maladministration. The above information can also be accessed at the link below:-

Ans 3: Details regarding the procedure for lodgment of complaint at BMP can be accessed at:-

Ans 4: SBP deals with complaints related to Microfinance banks, Prize Bonds, Currency etc. Besides, issues related to utility bills, disbursement of pensions and matters that require immediate resolution are also handled by SBP. However, it may be noted that SBP does not intervene in HR related matters of banks, subjudice matter/ disputes/ complaints (matters pending adjudication before the competent court of law) or at any law enforcement agency i.e. FIA, NAB etc.

Ans 5: Complaints related to above areas can be addressed at:-
Surface Mail: Director Banking Conduct and Consumer Protection Department (BC&CPD), State Bank of Pakistan, I.I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi.
Help Line: 0092-21-111-727-273
Fax No: 0092-21-99221160

Ans 6: SBP does not entertain complaints of personal disputes including renting of properties and undocumented claims/disputes. Further, SBP will not deal any complaint which is pending for adjudication in the competent court of law or has already been decided by the court of law in Pakistan.

Ans 7: SBP does not entertain any anonymous complaint received which lacks identity of the complainant.

Ans 8: Yes, SBP has established Customer Facilitation Centers located in Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Bahawalpur, Multan, Dera Ismail Khan, Lahore, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Quetta and Muzaffarabad, where you can approach to lodge your complaint. Besides, a dedicated helpline (0092-21-111-727-273) and e-mail ID ( has also been developed to facilitate public regarding their queries.

Ans 9: SBP does not investigate any such complaint which is directly addressed to a bank or other authorities/organizations, while a copy of complaint is sent to SBP merely for information.

Ans 10: In case of lodging complaint with BMP, SBP cannot exercise its powers over the complaint already decided by the BMP as its decision, order, findings or recommendations will be final and decisive. However, a representation can be made to the President of Pakistan within 30 days of the decision, order, findings or recommendation passed by BMP under FOIRA 2013.

Ans 11: No, SBP does not have any regulatory jurisdiction over Investment Banks, Leasing, Modaraba and Insurance Companies or other Non-Banking Financial Institutions (NBFIs). However, complaints against these NBFIs can be addressed to Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), Islamabad, who has regulatory jurisdiction over these NBFIs.

Ans 12: SBP cannot direct any bank to extend loans & advances to a person or entity. The banks are free to make lending related decisions in line with their credit policies, duly approved by the respective Board of Directors of the bank.

Ans 13: SBP does not offer, whatsoever, any legal opinion and financial advice to anyone.

Ans 14: SBP cannot award damages and compensation against breach of contractual obligation or legal rights of customers/consumers of the banks. For compensation and damages, the complainant may seek judicial recourse.

Ans 15: Overseas Pakistanis can record their grievances against any bank/DFI through Overseas Pakistani Foundation (OPF). OPF was established by Government of Pakistan to resolve the issues of overseas Pakistanis in an efficient manner. SBP addresses such complaints/issues received through OPF and make every possible effort to resolve. The procedure for filing the complaint with OPF can be viewed at the link given below: -

Ans 16: An account shall be classified as unclaimed deposits if no transaction has taken place and no statement of account has been requested or acknowledged by the creditor during a period of 10 (ten) years or more. It also includes cheque, draft, instrument, or bill of exchange etc.

Ans 17: . The deposit/instrument holder may submit an application duly signed or with thumb impression to the concerned branch with complete details of particulars i.e. name, address, NIC/CNIC, contact numbers and reason of surrendering. The bank will submit the same to SBP for processing along with other documents as prescribed by SBP in the relevant circular given as under:-
However, the responsibility of proper identification of the customer rests with the bank.

Ans 18: As per the regulatory instructions, all banks are required to surrender provisional data related to unclaimed deposits within 30 days of close of each calendar year i.e. January 30, and final data by April 15. For details regarding procedure for surrendering/refund of unclaimed deposits/instruments, following links may be viewed:-

Ans 19: Deposits in the name of a minor, Government or under litigation, are exempted from surrendering to SBP.

Ans 20: Yes, all banks are required to serve a three months’ notice in writing by registered post to the account/instrument holder.

Ans 21: Accounts in the names of entities, individuals etc. which have been frozen under UNSC Resolution shall not be treated as unclaimed deposits for surrendering to SBP unless the account status is changed.

Ans 22: SBP will not entertain any application for unclaimed refund received directly from the customer.

Ans 23: For claims below Rs. 100,000/-, banks can forward refund claim without obtaining the succession certificate from the legal heirs and fulfilling other requirements as embodied in the CPD circular letter No. 01 of 2012. The link for which is given below: -

Ans 24: Dormancy of the account and surrendering of unclaimed deposits are two separate areas and are not interrelated. For any dormant account to be surrendered under unclaimed deposits, it must fulfill the specific statutory requirements. Only status of the account being dormant does not qualify it for surrendering under unclaimed deposits. Politically Exposed Persons’ (PEPs)

Ans 25: PEPs are individuals who are entrusted with prominent public functions either domestically or by a foreign country, for example Heads of State or of government, senior politicians, senior government, judicial or military officials, senior executives of state owned corporations/departments/autonomous bodies.

Ans 26: Yes. SBP and all banks have nominated a respective focal person to deal with PEP matters. The contact details of such focal persons appointed by banks and SBP are available at SBP website and may be viewed at the following link: -

Ans 27: . If PEP is not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint or his/ her grievance is not resolved within 15 days after registration of the complaint with bank’s focal person then he/she may directly contact the focal person appointed by SBP. The details of which is given in the link below: -

Ans 28: Yes, State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has devised Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to facilitate PEPs and streamline account opening process. The same may be accessed here:-